Tactile Walking Surface Indicators

No matter the project we have the product for you! We have a wide variety of interior and exterior solutions in various materials, colors and sizes that meet all AODA, OBC and ISO standards. Check out the right product for your next project!

Tactile walking surface indicators have become an important product in almost any construction project. The warning panels indicate a change in elevation or hazard to people with vision impairment. Directional panels go one step further and will help direct someone to a particular area within a building/area.

There are so many factors when choosing the correct product. For exterior projects, some of the things to consider are is the area in an open space or is it in an area that is covered?

During the winter months will there be snow plow removal equipment or is everything cleaned by hand? Is this an existing project or project that requires a surface mounted product, or is it going to be cast into new concrete? Does the product being replaceable matter to you in this project, or can it be a permanently cast in place product?

Interior projects have even more options and things to consider. In many high rise projects, the requirement is a “smoke/fire” rated product to ensure people are able to see when exiting the building if there was an emergency like a fire. Aesthetics are often a larger consideration in these types of projects. Things like colour, materials and surrounding products all factor into chosen products.

In order to help in the decision making process, we have produced a full tactile guide with the most common items that are readily available. If you require shop drawings, testing documents or samples please let us know and we can help you with these requests.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can help! There are many materials, options and colours that we can supply on your next job as well!