Stair Nosing and Anti-Slip

Do you have stairs, landings or floors that are slippery and causing liability issues? We offer a full complement of options for this problem! We have products that suit residential, commercial, and institutional jobs. We have products for both new and retrofit jobs, at any budget, specification, and aesthetic.

Anti-Slip products are a great way to help keep everyone safe in wet and slippery conditions.

There are endless ways to achieve this result, and we are here to help find the best solution for your project! We stock and sell products at all different price points, installation methods and design aesthetics.

Anti-Slip tapes, strips and floor markings are very common on budget projects, commercial warehouses and low traffic areas. They are also common in areas where people would walk bare-foot and need to ensure they aren’t injured while standing. We also sell product with safety messages and products that glow in the dark to illuminate darker areas, or assist people if there is a power outage.

FRP products and contrast strips are used in retrofit projects. They can range from light to heavy duty grit & anti-slip properties. Can be used on step edges only all the way to full stair treads in multiple colour configurations. Projects range from metal grated steps/landings for industrial applications, interior and exterior commercial projects and anywhere you need to upgrade/update an existing job. Stair nosing is the most common and robust option suiting virtually any project.

With over 30 colours and photoluminescent options, you can be confident there’s a colour option that will work. There are surface mounted, wet-set and pre-cast options no matter what part of the project the stairs are being installed/upgraded. There are not only 1 piece, but 2 piece options for long term installation on high rise / condominium projects where stairs will be in long before the opening of a building. Ranging from step edge to full treads, concrete, cast iron or aluminum we have a full range to suit your project.