Parking Lot & Drainage

These projects often require very specific, hard to find items that aren’t typically stocked by most suppliers. Fortunately, the manufacturers we work with are based in Canada and keep stock of their most common items for quick shipping!

We have all the essential parking lot products you need for your project! We have delineator posts, flexible posts and reboundable bollards. These all come with the option of standard or custom signs depending on your project. We can also supply them in different colours, shapes & sizes and include reflective tapes for high visibility.

Potential water damage and infiltration is a consideration in almost every project. We have exterior products to move large volumes of water away from buildings and parking lots to prevent pooling. Our drains have multiple types of grates for different load & weight ratings.

Many of our products are pre-sloped to allow for an easier installation with less labour and digging required. We also have commercial and interior suited products that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. Multiple colours, designs and considerations like ADA/AODA compliant “heel proof” grates to prevent falling.

Each of these categories are unique in design, application and requirements. We’d love to chat more about your next drainage project and find the best solution for your job.